About Us

mahadev estates

Mahadev Estates is one of the most trusted, foremost and leading real estate firm in Gurgaon. Founded by Mr. Manoj Chauhan in 1998, its head office is situated in Gurgaon. With the most professional, enthusiastic, righteous and dedicated team, we are in the industry since last 2 decades to bestow the best Investment Consulting services to suit the Client needs.


With the prime objective of providing property investment solutions to it’s Clients, Mahadev Estates has always been ahead of the Industry standards. The company has always strived to provide customized solutions to the Clients investments needs, in terms of budget and purpose. In an industry where competition is stiff, our Company did not compromise on it’s values. That has earned us very precious Clients who have had a long lasting relation with us.

In the domains of Commercial and Residential property, we boast of having served thousands of wonderful  Clients, who are with us till this date. What began as a dream of one individual in 1998 has broadened to an equally devoted staff of 50+, all devoted to providing Quality services to the Clients, helping them procure their residential or commercial dreams. In order to provide beneficial and positive services to it’s Clients, Mahadev Estates has chosen builders wisely. We have kept our association limited to only reputed Builders. Over the period of time, we have earned the trust, friendship and valued working relation with some of the top Builders/Developers Pan India.




The mission of Mahadev Estates is to give our Clients a specialized and customized real estate experience. Providing state-of-the-art professional services to Clients that create maximum benefit and personal satisfaction in a lifetime relationship.
How will we do that?
•    Keeping the Client and his needs above everything else.
•    Using our experience to provide you customized Investment solutions.
•    Nurturing a lifelong relation with our Clients.
•    Collaborate with reputed Builders on financially sound projects.
•    Being committed to our business full time
•    Working hard to turn clients into friends.


To provide specialized and customized Real Estate Investment solutions to Clients across the entire Indian subcontinent. Providing solutions through our expertise in real estate and skilled work force while keeping ourselves committed to our core values. Primary components of our core values being exceptional client service, building long term relationship with the Clients and Builders, work ethics, honesty and integrity.