6 Reasons Why Dwarka-Expressway is Best Investment for Properties

6 Reasons Why Dwarka-Expressway is Best Investment for Properties

Posted By : Admin | Date : 23 May 2019

Gurgaon has continued to evolve and grow at a rapid pace over the years. The growth continues to bring in new businesses, corporate and industries to the city. A rapid  need for expansion has seen Gurgaon expand in all directions, like Sohna, Manesar and the area towards Dwarka Expressway, which is also known as New Gurgaon.


Why Dwarka Experssway is So Much Popular For Investment?

Dwarka Expressway, also known as Northern Peripheral Road (NPR) will prove to be a lifeline to commuters travelling to and from Delhi and Gurgaon. Builders had realized the importance of this expressway when the master plan was introduced. Since then there has been a rush by builders to the area to construct residential and commercial projects. Since then there is already a fair population already residing alongside the Experssway.


A clear need for commercial projects:

With the growing residential projects and people already starting to live along the expressway, there is a strong need for commercial projects to cater to that population. The general rule being that in a specific area there should be 95% residential and 5% commercial availability. It’s a clear fact that commercials are bound to succeed in the area.


Affordable Pricing:

At this time there are numerous new commercial projects in the initial phases or even yet to begin. This provides an opportunity to investors to purchase commercials at affordable prices and to attain maximum gains or ROI.



A major selling point of NPR is it’s connectivity. It connects Dwarka to Gurgaon, Manesar with ease of access towards Jaipur. Connectivity from the airport is bringing in corporate and hotels towards the area. Connection to Southern Peripheral Road, NH8 in a planned approach makes the route world class.


Best Investment Options:

For those looking at investing their money for better returns are lining up at the various projects on the expressway. Investors willing to wait from 3-5 years realize the financial potential of the various sectors alongside the expressway. Projects upto 3 kms inside from the expressway are facing a boom of investors. Over the last 2 years itself values of properties have gone up from 1000-3000 per square foot. Once the projects start filling up the values would begin to shoot onwards in multiples of tens of thousands per square foot.


Brand Options:

Investors are getting a choice of investments as well as choice of builders to suit their needs. Right from established builders to fairly new builders have been vying for space in the area. Brands like DLF, Elan, AMB, JMS, SVH, Ramada, Orris and SS to name a few.


Organized setup:

Compared to Gurgaon, the New Gurgaon along Dwarka Expressway is being set up in a very organized manner. Right from sewer lines, water supply to power lines are already in place, thus resulting in a much organized set up of the new sectors in the vicinity. This is attracting IT and ITSez companies in droves, making the Expressway

Some of the ongoing commercial investments available there right now are:

Elan Miracle, Sector-84

AMB Selfie Street, Sector-92

AMB Selfie Square, Sector-37D

JMS Marine Square, Sector-102

JMS Crosswalk, Sector-93

SVH Metro Street, Sector-83

Elan Mercado, Sector-80

Elan Epic, Sector-70

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