Most People Want to Invest in Real Estate - Survey

Most People Want to Invest in Real Estate - Survey

Posted By : Admin | Date : 20 Oct 2019

The upsurge in the stock market and softening of interest rates may have increased the interest of investors in real estate.

According to an online survey, 57 percent of people prefer to invest in real estate.

This survey was done by Enrock Property Consultant. It was done in the first quarter of 2019. The response of 2,797 people was taken from different income levels, age groups, and places.

The people of Bengaluru showed the highest 67 percent interest in real estate. It was followed by Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities (67 percent) and Hyderabad (64 percent).

If you bought property in the last year, what was the main attraction behind it?

Attractive Prices: 50%

Better Regulation (RERA): 22%

Low Home Loan: 20%

Other Reason: 8%


Enrock named this survey as 'Indian Residential Real Estate Consumer Sentiment Survey (H1 2019)'. The conclusions were as follows-


The Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA) proved to be a major setback for the developer. After its implementation, the sale of houses declined and property prices fell. However, the attractive prices helped the dealers clear the inventory. This increased sales in the following year. The consumer sentiment got a boost due to better regulation under RERA.



These figures are encouraging. But, we doubt whether real estate is really the best investment option. The RBI House Price Index (All India) has risen 7.3 percent (CAGR) in the five years ended 31 March 2019. In other words, if you had invested Rs 10 lakh in real estate in April 2014, the money would have increased to Rs Rs 14.5 lakh in five years.

Compare this with the returns of equity. The Nifty grew by 11.6 percent in the same period. The average multi-cap equity fund gave 14.8 percent returns during this period. In this way, if you invested Rs 10 lakh in multi-cap funds in 2014, then in five years its value would have almost doubled.

Will you buy it from the same builder?



During the same period, gold gave 4 percent returns. Enrock's study said, "Gold has become a dead asset for many investors now. At the same time, there are many people who still have a fascination with it. These are people who know less about other asset classes or those that do not reach. "

Did you buy a property for your use or investment? If you bought it as an investment, what is your plan for it?



According to Enrock, the announcement of concessions by the government, reduction in GST rates for under-construction properties and fall in property prices boosted investor morale. In spite of all the challenges for the sector, sales of houses in the top seven cities grew by 18 percent in 2018. While the new launch increased by 33 percent.

If you invested in property in the last five years, are you happy with its returns?

Yes: 62%

No: 38%


However, due to the arbitrariness of real estate developers, one in two (48%) asked not to buy property from the same builder. Only 52 percent were satisfied with their purchase.

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Land will get special number, Dispute Over Ownership Rights will End

Land will get special number, Dispute Over Ownership Rights will End

Posted By : Admin | Date : 20 Sep 2019

The land will soon be given a unique identity number in the country. This step will help in tackling the problem of disturbances in the ownership of land. The Ministry of Rural Development has started work on the system of standard unique land parcel number.

A senior government official told Economic Times that this number will be given to every plot surveyed. The unique identity number will contain information on the state, district, tehsil, taluka, block and road along with the plot size and ownership details.

The official said that the unique land parcel number can later be linked to the Aadhaar and Revenue Court system. He told that the government believes that giving unique identity numbers to all the lands will facilitate real estate transactions. Issues related to taxation of property will help. Land acquisition will be easy for government projects. This will be a step towards digitization of land records.

According to Feedback Infrastructure Chairman Vinayak Chatterjee, "It will be like a base for a person. A number will provide information related to the purchase and sale of plot, payment of tax and ownership."

He said that the government is now moving ahead with the digitization of land records. Due to it being GIS tagged, it will be easy to get any land details. It is estimated that land-related disputes account for about two-thirds of the pending cases in the country's courts. It takes many years to resolve such cases. This affects sectors and projects dependent on these lands. Apart from this, land is often used for taking a loan to give bail. Such land cannot be mortgaged due to dispute over the ownership of land.

Anuj Puri, chairman of Enrock Property Consultant, said, "Unique identity numbers have been needed for a long time. Implementing this system will help in streamlining the country's land record. It will also increase the interest of foreign investors in the realty sector of the country." , Who are reluctant to invest due to lack of clarity on the ownership of land. "

The government is already implementing the National Land Records Mordernization Program for computerization of property registration process and digitization of all land records.

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Investing in Real Estate is Safer than Share Market

Investing in Real Estate is Safer than Share Market

Posted By : Admin | Date : 31 Aug 2019

Given the problems faced by buyers due to the delay in real estate projects in the country, hardly a consumer would dare to invest in them again. Despite this, long-term investment in real estate is more secure and has better returns than stocks. This has been revealed in new global research.

No fear of Market Fluctuation: 

A report by the Institute of New Economic Thinking (INET) examines the last 150 years of data on the stock market and real estate. Long-term returns in equities and real estate are almost equal. But this kind of risk is less in real estate than sharp fluctuations in stocks.

Market events due to global events:

According to the data, during the World War I in the year 1920, investors lost 6.8% in the shares. While real estate lost only one percent. At the same time, investors in real estate gained six percent during World War II. While investors lost 2.6 per cent in the shares. After 1948, real estate has never had a minimum profit of less than 3.7 percent.

Investors in India Got Good Returns:  

The report has taken data from the year 2010 in India. During this period, real estate in India was less volatile than the market. Investors in real estate and stocks received 20 per cent returns in the year 2010. Between 2010 and 2019 real estate profits never came down from 5% while stocks lost between 18 to 20% on two occasions.

Buying flats more choice In

The research paper of 2016, Experts said that consumers in India spend up to 90 per cent of their income to buy houses or flats. However, after the rapid rise in real estate prices in 2010-12, the same boom is yet to be seen. The report states that the real estate situation in India is less satisfactory in the medium term.


86 thousand 824 crore rupees are stuck in NCR area for eight years in these real estate projects

The link between Debt and Price :

The report says that prices in real estate depend on the condition of getting loans, among many other things. Flat prices rise when real estate gets loans easily. Whereas, in case of difficulty in getting loan, prices fall. This has been observed in India in the year 2010-12.

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