Land will get special number, Dispute Over Ownership Rights will End

Land will get special number, Dispute Over Ownership Rights will End

Posted By : Admin | Date : 20 Sep 2019

The land will soon be given a unique identity number in the country. This step will help in tackling the problem of disturbances in the ownership of land. The Ministry of Rural Development has started work on the system of standard unique land parcel number.

A senior government official told Economic Times that this number will be given to every plot surveyed. The unique identity number will contain information on the state, district, tehsil, taluka, block and road along with the plot size and ownership details.

The official said that the unique land parcel number can later be linked to the Aadhaar and Revenue Court system. He told that the government believes that giving unique identity numbers to all the lands will facilitate real estate transactions. Issues related to taxation of property will help. Land acquisition will be easy for government projects. This will be a step towards digitization of land records.

According to Feedback Infrastructure Chairman Vinayak Chatterjee, "It will be like a base for a person. A number will provide information related to the purchase and sale of plot, payment of tax and ownership."

He said that the government is now moving ahead with the digitization of land records. Due to it being GIS tagged, it will be easy to get any land details. It is estimated that land-related disputes account for about two-thirds of the pending cases in the country's courts. It takes many years to resolve such cases. This affects sectors and projects dependent on these lands. Apart from this, land is often used for taking a loan to give bail. Such land cannot be mortgaged due to dispute over the ownership of land.

Anuj Puri, chairman of Enrock Property Consultant, said, "Unique identity numbers have been needed for a long time. Implementing this system will help in streamlining the country's land record. It will also increase the interest of foreign investors in the realty sector of the country." , Who are reluctant to invest due to lack of clarity on the ownership of land. "

The government is already implementing the National Land Records Mordernization Program for computerization of property registration process and digitization of all land records.

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