Elan Limited Emerging Leaders in Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

Elan Limited Emerging Leaders in Commercial Real Estate (CRE)

Posted By : Admin | Date : 18 Mar 2019

As the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) business continues to grow, it has been providing opportunities to various individuals and Organizations to grow along. One such group that began it’s CRE journey 6 years back, is the Elan Group.

With a strong and diverse business background and a rock solid financial foundation, Elan came to to the market with innovative and modern concepts. Their aim being to create limited, yet different and outstanding projects, based on never seen concepts and designs.

Right from the first project, Elan Mercado, they created ripples in the CRE market and were immediately taken seriously by Investors and Competitors. Their innovative ideas, fair prices and flexible payment plans made affording CRE possible for many who could earlier not have invested.

Their foresightedness has given them an unmatched advantage over their competitors when it comes to choosing the project site and much in advance. Their projects have been at strategic locations, to bring out the best returns, for their investors and business owners as well.

Each Project has built up the well earned confidence of the market and resulted in Investors waiting for the announcement of their next project at all times. So far there are 4 projects as jewels in their crown at remarkable locations:

·         Elan Mercado – Sector 80 (On NH8)

·         Elan Town Centre – Sector 67 (Sohna Road)

·         Elan Miracle – Sector 84 (Dwarka Expressway)

·         Elan Epic – Sector 70 (Golf Course Extension / SPR Road).

Their latest project Elan Epic sent the CRE market in a tizzy due to the location and concept of the project. Termed as the dream project of Elan, it comprises various outstanding concepts from across the world. These concepts were clubbed as one project, resulting in something that has not been seen either in India or in Asia even. With an indoor water body (artificial lake) spread across 1 acre, designing by UHA London, the project has many unseen features. Floating restaurants, hanging pods, Luxury International Retail brands and unmatched designs, the project has created a frenzy amongst the investors.

Guided by visionaries, the Kapoor Family, the employees and staff have an undying loyalty towards the Organization and its Clients. Mr. Ravish Kapoor, the young and dynamic Managing Director brought along effective strategies to create the brand value through strategic alliances. Leadership staff of Elan is highly experienced, motivated and dedicated and have helped in creating the brand value that Elan enjoys today. Ms. Preeti Rai is the Senior Vice President (Sales), with extensive Real Estate experience. Associated with Elan since it’s inception, she has played a key role in the growth of the Organization.

Elan with it’s Innovative designs and dynamic approached has proven themselves to be the Emerging Leaders of Commercial Real Estate (CRE)


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