Top 10 Best Builders and Developer Golf Course Extn Gurgaon

Top 10 Best Builders and Developer Golf Course Extn Gurgaon

Posted By : Admin | Date : 29 Jul 2019

List of Real Estate Builders in Gurgaon. Find complete details about the Top Real Estate Developers, Construction Companies and Property Builders in Gurgaon.

1 Elan Group

Elan is continuously developing revolutionary innovations that are powering the next upheaval in Indian realty industry. It aims at creating connections between discerning individuals and intelligent spaces to create exciting new prospects. This includes adopting breakthrough innovations, exploring new technologies and researching potential future spaces. Highly experienced architects and engineers of Elan draw on deep expertise in areas of conception, material, construction, maintenance and beyond; so that we deliver the best. Every time, our commitment to buyers, investors and brokers, provides access to state-of-the-art spaces that are contemporary, inspirational and possess great value. Unmatched experience in real estate combined with leading-edge technologies; make Elan Group the country’s most sought after real estate Company, offering finest and valuable commercial properties to thousands of its satisfied customers.

2 AMB Group

AMB Group is a progressive 21st century real estate developer based in Gurugram. Well poised to redefine professionalism, the AMB Group is all set to bring about a positive transformation in the way people play, live and work.

With specialization in feasibility analysis, land acquisition development, approvals and permissions from the concerned authorities, AMB is now into every aspect of the development process such as planning, design, construction, marketing and sales. From inception of a vision to the astuteness of reading the market, AMB's commitment is reflected in its thorough paper work, well defined process and accuracy in master planning. It's now time for you to discover the real asset builders of Delhi NCR.

3 Baani Group

With a legacy of 35 years, Baani has successfully created a niche in the real estate industry both in India and abroad, emphasizing on enhancing the lifestyles of people. Baani Group was founded in 1981. The Group began with the fashion design and clothing production company. But after few years the company developed additional verticals such as project management, facility management and hospitality

At present, Baani holds pride in offering investment and real estate development services across all asset class, including IT Sector, Commercial, Mixed Use Developments, Hospitality, Facility and Asset Management. Keeping innovation as the primary focus, since 2003 Baani Group has completed 15 Projects over 2 million sq. ft. and currently 1.5 million sq. ft. is under development. Moreover, the group is associated with reputed brands like Hilton Hotels, IBM, Aviva, Hyundai, Oriflamme, Wyndham Hotels, Arvato, Grohe, Xchanging and Chambal Fertilizer & Chemicals as their Hospitality and Real Estate partners.

4 Bestech Group

With over two decades of experience; BESTECH has established itself as one of the most trusted and admired real estate companies in India. The success stems from the strong foundations reflecting in quality construction, timely deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Bestech Group has successfully delivered world-class Residential, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality developments across the country. 25 million sq. ft. projects delivered and 30 million sq. ft. future projects.

5 M3M india

M3M Group stands for 'Magnificence in the trinity of Men, Material & Money'. The motto of the company is "quality, timely delivery and excellence". Distinguishing features of M3M within the industry are its innovative, unique and unparalleled concepts, multi-dimensional reality solutions and unmatched high service standards. Showing its commitment towards developing state-of-the-art real estate masterpieces, M3M has always strived to garner the best talent in the industry. The company has gained valuable experience in the real estate sector with diverse and complimentary talents from a rich network of top notch intermediaries, financial institutions, high-net-worth individuals and some of the most reputed developers in India.

6 Neo developers

We are Neo Developers; we are here to redefine real estate with a new perspective. We don’t build; we create awe- inspiring masterpieces. Our focus is to create unique spaces to soothe residencies and businesses across the country.

The company is promoted by the Anand family, under the guidance of an unputdownable leader- Mr. Ashish Anand. He is the Marshall of NEO developers. His dedication, leadership skills, strategic thinking and sensibility have helped NEO developers to reach new heights.

7 Nimai Developers Pvt ltd

Nimai a synonym of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu an avatar of Lord Krishna. With his blessings we embarked on its journey of continuous growth in 1992, powered with the vision and the resolute will to provide integrated residential and commercial complexes. We take pride in having built scores of projects in the genre of commercial industrial and educational institutes.

Being the innovative Builder in Gurgaon / Bhiwadi / Neemrana, of contemporary residential and commercial buildings, we are steadfast in our endeavor to bring about changes in the patterns being followed in the Real Estate industry.

8 Orris infrastructures

Through a decade-long endeavor to ensure the highest possible quality of life to their patrons, Orris has quickly grown from being one of the top real estate property developers in Delhi/NCR to an organization well-diversified in the fields of Construction, Manufacturing, Education, Golf, Energy and Hospitality. With over 1000 acre of land bank in Delhi NCR and over 4000 happy families, the group holds a leading position. When looking for residential property in Gurgaon or commercial property in Gurgaon, Orris is sure to have an option for you.

9 SV Housing Private Limited

Around 4 decades ago, SV Housing founded by M/s. Naraindass R. Israni was etched on stone with a mission to revolutionalise the future of the construction industry. Since then, its goals and objectives have helped scale challenging heights while making history and putting its name on the map. SV Housing caters to a range of real estate services including Project Management, Property Management, Leasing & Sales, Contracting, Asset Management, Architecture, Design & Construction.

10 SS Group

SS Group is a well-known, trusted and one of the oldest business conglomerate with strong presence in Real Estate development. Established in the year 1992, the group has experience of over two decades in development & delivery of unique, innovative, high quality and user friendly real estate products in NCR Region.

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